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Sharing our on-going research at targeted events are a core part of our philosophy. We'd like to make sure you are always informed. Data-driven Marketing, focused on your Profitability.

The heart of our Connection with our Clients & Friends can be found in brief, periodical emails from Paul Fleming and his Senior Team. Over 23 years of experience, straight to your Inbox.

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Success can easily be tracked and reported in the Digital Age. Yet, not all Data is created equal! Only relevant, Smart Data produces true ROI. We share these secrets. 

Nothing can quite match the practical intimacy afforded by well-crafted Podcast Interviews. We seek out Leaders with insights that give you a competitive advantage.

"Where is Waldo?" Let's find
the 20% of your Customers who
cause 80% of your business. 

We share Real-Life Strategies
of eCommerce Marketing:
The good, the bad & the ugly.



The Personal Cybersphere is a simple model we created to help you surmount
barriers to your Marketing.

From Infographic Reports &
Dashboards to Heatmaps & Active Listening: Ideas to raise your ROI!

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